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Rocket the Raccoon's Top 10 Waste Management Tips for Businesses

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The US produces more than 12% of the planet’s trash, which is why we all need to do our part to manage and reduce it where we can. That’s why Rocket the Raccoon is here to share 10 great waste management tips to get you started.

Rocket is cleaning up Laredo!

Waste management tip #1: Have a waste management plan

To solve problems you need a plan. It’s the same with waste.

By making a waste management plan, you make sure that everyone knows how to deal with any waste you create. Even if it’s as simple as “sort the waste into piles according to type”, it’s easier to manage your waste if you know where to put it, how to sort it, and how you’ll get rid of it.

Waste management tip #2: Reduce waste where possible

Another great way to manage waste is to reduce it. The easiest way to do this is to switch over to more sustainable solutions, or at least ones that produce less physical waste.

Let’s say that you’re running your business on paper documents. This can work well for a business that’s just starting out, but over time you’ll start to lose documents or throw out stacks of used paper.

Instead, set up digital solutions. Put your figures in a spreadsheet. Use accounting apps like Xero or QuickBooks to cut your physical waste, increase your productivity, and even generate invoices automatically.

Waste management tip #3: Limit packaging

Source by Steven Depolo, image used under license CC BY 3.0

12% of global waste is plastic, and a good chunk of that is unnecessary packaging. Do your part by cutting the amount of packaging you use where possible!

Get rid of extra containers, group items together more densely, or simply swap from clear plastic boxes to paper bags or cardboard. Even if you need the packaging, using biodegradable materials goes a long way to reducing your waste’s impact.

Waste management tip #4: Order what you need

This waste management tip mostly applies to commercial sites, but everyone can benefit from ordering just what they need. Measure and estimate how much of any item you’ll need, and don’t over-order anything (especially degradable materials).

It’s a win-win! You spend less money on things you don’t need, and you create less waste as a result.

If you do order too much, save what you can to reuse in future jobs instead of dumping it. An extra pallet of bricks is one less you’ll have to order next time!

Waste management tip #5: Store materials correctly

Speaking of storing materials for future jobs, make sure that all of your items are stored correctly. Protecting things from rain, heat damage, or plain old vandalism means you’ll have less to throw away in the long run.

The less you have to throw away, the less waste you produce, and the more money you save on your next order.

Waste management tip #6: Sort waste ASAP

Source, image in the public domain

Sorting your waste doesn’t have to take a long time! By having separate trash cans, dumpsters, or containers for different kinds of waste, you can make sure that everyone is throwing their trash into the right place.

This leaves you with sorted piles of trash in separate containers, and you don’t have to clean anything up! If you get your containers from the friendly crew here at Trashco, we can even arrange for them to be regularly emptied to stop trash from building up.

Waste management tip #7: Recycle

Recycling is a great way to stop waste from being dumped and to limit the amount of waste you produce. Recycling doesn’t start at throwing your trash in the recycling box though - you can recycle right there in your business!

Reuse your cardboard boxes and pallets if they aren’t broken. Wash and reuse plastic containers if it’s sanitary. If you can make something out of your own trash, go ahead and do it! Anything that’s left can then be recycled properly in the normal facilities.

Waste management tip #8: Compost organic waste

Some organic waste makes for great compost! Coffee grounds are just one thing that (with a little care) can help a garden to really bloom. If you have any need for compost on-site, you could use your compostable waste to do just that and save the need to buy as much.

If you don’t use compost, try looking around for local community gardens or shared spaces that could benefit from the boost. You might even get some good publicity for doing it!

Waste management tip #9: Use long-life materials

Source, image in the public domain

It can be tempting to save money by using lower-grade materials, but doing that will cause anything you make to fall apart faster. When things need replacing, that means a lot of waste that has to be dealt with.

Instead, make your products and structures longer lasting wherever you can to make sure that the long-term waste is as low as possible. Your customers will be happier, and you’ll have to spend less on new resources (and waste management).

Waste management tip #10: Dispose of waste properly

Some waste like asbestos can be incredibly damaging to the environment if it’s not disposed of properly. Even general waste can cause harm by taking up huge amounts of space, or by not being sorted correctly.

That’s why you need to properly dispose of all of your waste. Whether it’s harmful material that needs special measures to be taken or you’re renting a compactor to compress your waste into more manageable chunks, it’s worth the time to treat your trash properly!

Don’t let your business go to the dump

That’s all of the tips we’ve got for you today. If you want to start properly managing your waste, you can always contact the team here at Trashco Inc. - we can help you to find the right waste containers for your needs. With our environmentally sustainable, state-of-the-art equipment and cost-effective services, we won’t stop until Laredo is clean!

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