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How Trashco Inc. is Helping Laredo and Beyond with Premium Waste Collection Services

Nobody wants a repeat of the Waste Management scandal. This leading waste management company was so fraudulent that it had to post a $1.7 billion restatement of earnings (the largest restatement in history). You should be able to expect top-quality waste collection services at an affordable price that are run ethically, reliably, and environmentally sustainably.

That’s where Trashco Inc. comes in.

We’re dedicated to cleaning up Laredo and the wider South Texas area. That’s why today we’ll be running through all of the reasons why you can trust our waste collection services to be cheap, safe, reliable, professional, and for us to dispose of your waste in a way that causes the least environmental harm possible.

After all, it’s no good getting rid of your waste if the resulting global warming makes your area uninhabitable.

What does premium waste collection look like?

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Premium waste collection services make a massive difference to an area’s cleanliness, hygiene, and environmental sustainability, but they’re also hard to spot if they’re doing a good job.

Put it this way; Trashco Inc. is consistently cleaning up Laredo by serving as the area’s leading trash hauler and recycling company with our premium services. Without us, garbage would be piling up across construction sites, residential areas, and commercial centers without an efficient way to get rid of it all.

Premium waste collection is taking away your trash and recyclables on time, every time. It’s preventing bad smells from built-up waste and invasive pests from getting into your containers. It’s making a safe and pleasant working environment for your employees, and an inviting and professional area for your prospective customers.

It’s about taking care of the planet to ensure that we can thrive here for centuries to come, rather than adding to the 2.12 billion tons of waste dumped in landfill every year.

That’s why Trashco Inc. is here to serve your every need and keep the streets clean.

What services does Trashco Inc. offer?

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To make things nice and simple we’ll go through each service offered by our expert team here at Trashco Inc.:

  • Waste management services

  • Trash removal

  • Rentals: Dumpsters, containers, and compactors

Waste management services

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to waste management, our team has you covered. 

No matter what your business is or does, our helpful crew of experts can guide you through everything you need to know in order to make the best waste management plan for your needs. This will include everything from providing containers for waste storage to waste collection and transfer to appropriate disposal or recycling facilities.

Our state-of-the-art fleet of trucks and environmentally sustainable equipment puts us leagues ahead of the competition, ensuring that Laredo (and beyond) leads the way in responsible and effective waste management.

In other words, when you choose Trashco Inc. you barely have to lift a finger to cheaply and effectively put a killer waste management plan into place.

For some more great waste management wisdom, check out Rocket Raccoon’s top 10 tips, or chat with our team directly to get started.

Trash removal

Source by Gerry & Bonni, image used under license CC BY 2.0

Having a waste management plan is great, but the next step is following it up with a reliable trash removal service. Thankfully, Trashco Inc. has you covered on this front too.

Trashco Inc. collects your waste on time, every time, with no exceptions. We take great pride in our reliability, the quality of our containers and trucks, and the first-class training of all of our staff. If you’ve worked on your waste management plan with us we will have assessed your needs in terms of the amount of waste you generate and provided you with a potential pickup schedule to remove your waste at the cheapest and most convenient intervals.

Put it this way; do you know how much waste you regularly generate? How about the different kinds of waste you’re producing? Do you need closed containers for trash that smells or contains liquids, or is everything recyclable and can be crushed to reduce the frequency of pickups? Would it be cheaper to rent a smaller container and have it collected up to five times per week, or a larger container that’s picked up just once per week?

Hold your horses and take a breath - we’ve got your back. Our team of experts can take all of this into account and help you find the perfect trash removal schedule for you. All you need to do is start the conversation.

If you’re in Laredo or the surrounding area and want to help clean up Texas, reach out today! Our service locations extend far beyond Webb County, including surrounding cities such as Carrizo Springs, Crystal City, Encinal, Zapata, Cotulla, Dilley, Asherton, Catarina, Freer, Big Wells, Texas, and other areas in South Texas. Please call us at (956) 725-9693 to find out if we provide services in your area.

Rentals: Dumpsters, containers, and compactors

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Not all trash is created equally, meaning you’ll need different tools to deal with different types and amounts of it.

Front load dumpsters are the first port of call for general disposable and compostable trash. These covered containers trap bad smells and keep out critters, giving you a central location to store your general trash until collection time comes. They’re the perfect solution for your general trash disposal needs, and we provide them in sizes of 2, 4, 8, and 10-yard dumpsters.

Roll-off containers are the bigger cousins of front load dumpsters. These are open-air containers that are suited to either recyclable items or larger-scale waste generation in general. For example, construction sites produce far too much waste for even a 10-yard front-load dumpster to regularly handle, whereas a 30-yard roll-off container can keep on storing waste until a suitable collection time comes. If you’re interested, Trashco Inc. offers rentals of 15 and 30-yard roll-off containers.

Finally, waste compactors are your ace in the hole for keeping your sites clean and the planet healthy. Massive amounts of waste are dumped every year, but by compacting that waste before disposal you can massively reduce both the total landfill space you’re filling up and even the number of waste pickups your company needs to have arranged. It’s a great way to save costs in the long run and to be more conscientious when disposing of your waste, and Trashco Inc. once again offers waste compactor rentals for your convenience.

Join the Trashco Inc. family today

We here at Trashco Inc. believe that you should expect better from your waste collection services. You should be able to rely on them to be helpful, cheap, environmentally sustainable, and to collect on time, every time.

That’s why you should talk to the Trashco Inc. team today. Help us keep Laredo’s streets clean and save the planet while also saving your wallet!

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